Trafford Sportsmen's Club – Members Only Club

Clubhouse:(412) 372-3820 Indoor Range:(412) 372-0280



New Memberships

Joining for the first time?

You must call Rich at 412-372-0670 for an appointment for interview and club orientation at that time you will be given an
application or you could stop by the indoor pistol building Mon, Wed, Fri 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm or all day Sat 10:00 am to 10:00 pm or Sunday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and pick one up ahead of
time. Rich  will need to spend an hour or so with you personally. Sept 1 starts the time of year when we offer our special free end of the year deal. Call Rich to find out what this is all about.

The mailing address for membership is as follows.

Trafford Sportsmen’s Club

14000 Winchester Road

Trafford PA 15085


Click Here for a Membership Application in Fillable PDF

Click Here for a Limited Membership Application in Fillable PDF


Outdoor Range Gate Fobs

You will need a special gate fob to drive down to the outdoor range.

The fobs have a one-time cost of $10 unless it is lost or broken. Fobs are available on meeting nights and at
the indoor pistol range.


2014 Renewals



Any person being
a citizen of the United States nineteen
years old or older and of good moral character may become a PROBATIONARY
member of this Club, upon making proper application, completing an  interview and orientation class, and by
payment of his/her financial obligation
as set forth by the membership.


The proposed member
or the membership director/ sponsor must be present at the regular meeting the
applicant is to be voted upon.  Approval must be by majority vote of members present.


PROBATIONARY members must take ownership and show a willingness to participate in maintaining and policing the club property
during their probationary
year in order to gain REGULAR member status.  The Executive Committee can approve variations from
this requirement. The dues for
successive years will be the same as the first
year minus the Building Fund fee and gate fob.


Article: 3.  Section 2A  DUES


Dues and Financial
obligations can be determined by the Executive Committee once a year, and upon approval of the General
membership meeting. The
Renewals will be sent out the first of October and members will have three
months to pay their dues on time. The renewal period will be from October 1st
to December 31st. Renewal payment is due by December 31st.
Members with dues delinquent from
January 1St Thru January 31st will be required to pay
a $15.00 late fee. After February 1st members will be required to rejoin the club and must
pay the yearly dues plus the building fund assessment. The
Club will begin accepting payments starting with the October
General meeting. The gate lock will be changed
each December 31st. All
fees will be those applicable at the time of
installation or acceptance into the club. Any
member in arrears will not have any privileges of this
Club or use of any
Club facilities. Hardships will be at
the discretion of the financial secretary. Your renewal information
will be mailed to you for your review and corrections by October 1.

Please return the stub and your check before December 31st so that you will not be late and
know the gate combination when it changes. If you would like to be removed from
the membership list, please return the statement with the word “CANCEL” on it.

See above article 3 Section 2A for your membership renewal obligations.




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