Trafford Sportsmen's Club – Members Only Club

Clubhouse:(412) 372-3820 Indoor Range:(412) 372-0280

Outdoor Rifle, Pistol Range, Shotgun Range – Members Only/Guest of Members

Outdoor Ranges:

Members only plus one guest

The outdoor ranges are closed on Thursdays and reserved for Police training, range repair work, and grass cutting. Keep this in mind so you are not disappointed on Thursdays.

Take note Range times for all Outdoor ranges are open from 8:00 am to ½ hour past sunset M,T,W,F,S. Sundays start at 11:00 am Until ½ hour past sunset.

NOTE TO PISTOL SHOOTERS – You must keep your targets elevated at 4 feet so your bullets hit the dirt back stop only. Ground targets must be all the way back to the back stop to prevent bullets from hitting the rocky ground and going up through the trees. Beware there are walking trails in the woods and also houses on the other side of the woods. Please be safe not sorry.

There is still a lot of damage being done to the wood frames at the rifle and Pistol ranges. We are actively looking for these non logical un-sportsmen Like type people with little regard for property and other members enjoyment. When we find those people they will no longer be members of this club and we have the right to prosecute for damages. We are asking all members to keep an eye out for these type of people that are doing damage to your club. Please get their license plate number and report time and date. Thank you TSC.

Note: Shooting age starts at 10 years old for Rim fire (22LR). Shooting age starts at 12 years old for Center fire (pistol, rifle, shotgun). Be safe and don’t permanently injure your child’s shoulder.


******** SPECIAL CAUTION!!!!! NOTE EXTREME CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN. WE DO NOT WANT BULLETS LEAVING OUR PROPERTY!!!!!!!!! ********* If and accident occurs to a person or public facility at a certain time of day while you are at the ranges, expect a call from the Police. It is your duty as a club member to make sure that you and your guest bullets are hitting the paper and the dirt back stops provided by the club. No other type of shooting is acceptable!!!! Be Safe!!!



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