Trafford Sportsmen's Club – Members Only Club

Clubhouse:(412) 372-3820 Indoor Range:(412) 372-0280

Meeting Nights are 2nd Thursday each month at 8:00 PM. Why not take part in your club?

We would like you to come to your meetings and you are very welcome to do so.
Instead of just being a club user, why not really be part of the club? You can help make your club better!
Ladies and Gentlemen young and old come one come all, find out what we are doing to make this club even better for you!
Be a part of the decision making of your club!
Bring your ideas and Pizza appetites.
Come socialize with your fellow members and see what we are all about.
See what you can do personally to improve your club.
This is where you can have a voice in the Club.
Have a problem this is where we can resolve it together.
Have something you would like to do lets talk about it.
Otherwise do not complain! Do Not beat up our officers. Come see why we do what we do and who we are! 
If you are not a member please consider joining us. Remember if you are not a member you have no voice in our club!
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