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Membership Help!

General yard work is something we all could help with around the Club grounds. By not paying for this type of help, it will help keep us from raising your dues. So, with a club this size if each member could take a turn trimming or grass cutting it would be a great help to the Club and no one person would have to do it all. Please give it some thought, and also free tractor lessons are available. Take pride in your Club, after all it is your Club.

Skeet Range Help needed! We are finally going to get started.

Looking for Skeet Commander, a club member that loves the sport and likes and gets along with people and to be in charge of the Skeet Range. This is an appointed position by the President.

Looking for Skeet Range Officers to help run the Skeet Range shoots and likes and gets along with people.

Looking for some talented people willing to help with the construction of the Skeet Range.

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