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Clubhouse:(412) 372-3820 Indoor Range:(412) 372-0280

Membership Help!

General yard work is something we all could help with around the Club grounds. By not paying for this type of help, it will help keep us from raising your dues. So, with a club this size if each member could take a turn trimming or grass cutting it would be a great help to the Club and no one person would have to do it all. Please give it some thought, and also free tractor lessons are available. Take pride in your Club, after all it is your Club.

Skeet Range Help needed! We are finally going to get started.

Looking for Skeet Commander, a club member that loves the sport and likes and gets along with people and to be in charge of the Skeet Range. This is an appointed position by the President.

Looking for Skeet Range Officers to help run the Skeet Range shoots and likes and gets along with people.

Looking for some talented people willing to help with the construction of the Skeet Range.

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Club photo gallery

Firing Line Photo

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Membership Dues

TSC is now offering two new club memberships as follows:

1. Limited Pistol/Indoor Rifle member – $55.00 yearly. Limited to the indoor range only.

2. Limited Clays Member (Trap and Skeet) – $55.00 yearly. Limited to the out door Trap Range only.

Click Here for a Limited Membership Application in Fillable PDF


Membership dues have increased do to high insurance costs  as follows:

Single membership is now $65.00 Per year. To join the first time = one time charge of $65.00 building fund, one time charge of $10.00 for the gate fob and your dues $65.00 for the first year = $140.00 total.

Family membership is now $75.00 per year. To join the first time = one time charge of $65.00 building fund, one time charge of $10.00 for the gate fob and your dues $75.00 for the first year = $150.00 total.

Junior membership (up to 18 years of age) is $5.00 per year. To join $5.00

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Safety, Safety Should be our main concern!!! – All Members!!!

Read all range rules! Please take the time to do so!

Follow all range rules!

Think safety!

Act Safely!

Learn more about gun safety. Take a safety course.

Keep your eyes open for safety issues! Don’t be afraid to speak up!

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Indoor Leagues

Fall leagues starting Oct  indoor 22 Rifle and Pistol every Monday 7:00 pm for 12 weeks.

Starting Oct  indoor Air rifle league every Wed 7:00 pm for 12 weeks.

Call Bill Holland for details 412-654-6343

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3-D Archery Schedule is on Sunday each month – See dates below. (Crossbows allowed)

Registration 7:00 am to 12:00 pm
The cost for a round of 30 targets is $10.00 per shooter, Children under 12, shoot free.
Food and soft drinks will be available at the club house.
Outdoor Ranges will be closed on the following dates and times:
7/21 – 6am to 12pm  Archery Setup
7/22 – 6am to 4pm    Archery Shoot ——- 4pm help is needed taking down the course.
8/18 – 6am to 12pm  Archery Setup
8/19 – 6am to 4pm    Archery Shoot——–4pm help is needed taking down the course.

Archery Group needs help setting up the 30 target course the Saturday before each shoot @ 8:00 am to 12:00 pm during which time the outdoor range will be closed.

Also help is needed on Sundays for taking down the course after the shoot, 4:00 pm at which time the outdoor range will be closed.

Your help is needed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

TSC Archery Group

Call Gene for archery questions 412-372-0925.

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Rent Our Clubhouse and Outdoor Space for your Persona Needs

Meetings, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Receptions, Birthdays, Family Reunions, Graduation, Etc.

Come see our newly remodeled facility, 85+ capacity, kitchen, patio. Call for reservations and pricing.

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Trap – Members Only Except for Leagues

Practice times MEMBERS ONLY – Visit for application to join. Special yearly rate for Trap only.  Wed 9:00 AM  to 2:00 PM, Fri 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM, Sun 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Cost = $3.50 per round of 25 birds.

Summer travel leagues OPEN TO PUBLIC –  starts in April. The league shoots Mondays and Tuesdays 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Winter League OPEN TO PUBLIC – has ended. Its a little cold but come have a fun time with us all winter!

Please Note: To shoot trap starts at 12 years old.

Questions – Call Dave Sandala  412-607-0015

Club House Phone 412-372-3820  ( leave message)

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Hunting on club property – Members Only

Do not hunt behind the outdoor rifle and pistol range. These ranges stay open during hunting season.

Hunting on the club grounds is voted on at the August club meeting. If you intend to hunt on the club grounds you must come to a meeting before hunting season starts and ask for permission to hunt. In addition you must sign the club harmless agreement. This is open to members only.

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Outdoor Rifle, Pistol Range, Shotgun Range – Members Only/Guest of Members

Outdoor Ranges:

Members only plus one guest

The outdoor ranges are closed on Thursdays and reserved for Police training, range repair work, and grass cutting. Keep this in mind so you are not disappointed on Thursdays.

Take note Range times for all Outdoor ranges are open from 8:00 am to ½ hour past sunset M,T,W,F,S. Sundays start at 11:00 am Until ½ hour past sunset.

NOTE TO PISTOL SHOOTERS – You must keep your targets elevated at 4 feet so your bullets hit the dirt back stop only. Ground targets must be all the way back to the back stop to prevent bullets from hitting the rocky ground and going up through the trees. Beware there are walking trails in the woods and also houses on the other side of the woods. Please be safe not sorry.

There is still a lot of damage being done to the wood frames at the rifle and Pistol ranges. We are actively looking for these non logical un-sportsmen Like type people with little regard for property and other members enjoyment. When we find those people they will no longer be members of this club and we have the right to prosecute for damages. We are asking all members to keep an eye out for these type of people that are doing damage to your club. Please get their license plate number and report time and date. Thank you TSC.

Note: Shooting age starts at 10 years old for Rim fire (22LR). Shooting age starts at 12 years old for Center fire (pistol, rifle, shotgun). Be safe and don’t permanently injure your child’s shoulder.


******** SPECIAL CAUTION!!!!! NOTE EXTREME CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN. WE DO NOT WANT BULLETS LEAVING OUR PROPERTY!!!!!!!!! ********* If and accident occurs to a person or public facility at a certain time of day while you are at the ranges, expect a call from the Police. It is your duty as a club member to make sure that you and your guest bullets are hitting the paper and the dirt back stops provided by the club. No other type of shooting is acceptable!!!! Be Safe!!!



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